Medical Document Translation

Do you deal with medical documentation that is used in different languages? Do you operate a medical practice that either caters to multiple languages or operates in a country speaking a different language from the one spoken in your corporate office? You will have to translate critical medical documentation into another language. Software based document translations can be used for translating some emails, letters and daily documents, but not medical related documentation. Human translation must be used for medical document translations because of the advantage of language knowledge including subtle dialect differences, subject knowledge, creative license, and knowledge of the culture.

The intricacies of any given language, its phrasing, and the uniqueness of specific medical terminology can all be vital in the complete conveying of any given idea or document. However, a human translator, with a complete and well-rounded grasp of the language, will be able to give an exact and sometimes enhanced version of the necessary topic.

Translating medical documentation is often a matter of restating or clarifying the existing language into something the lay-person can understand. For instance, "Findings were positive for the presence of obliteration of peniprostatic fat planes secondary to tumor infiltration.” Without a medical background, it isn't likely you would understand this sentence means that the doctor found a tumor in the patient's prostate gland. If you can’t understand the document in the native language then the translation si going to be a mess.

There are cases where no exact translation is possible. A creative, experienced human translator is able to smoothly fill the gap when that occurs. Running text like this through a computer translator can produce a result that is awkward, disjointed, or even incorrect or misleading.

Only a human can really understand and grasp all the little intricacies of the detailed medical document and related cultural nuances.  Without this understanding, accurate and well-written outcomes are impossible to achieve. Humans, unlike a computer have a cultural awareness that no computer will ever achieve. In the same way that a computer is unable to compose great music or create a masterpiece, it will also never be able to fully translate any given idea.